We know Italy, and we know how to get your product known in Italy.


Market, category and competition analysis
Determining the budget
Development of a communication and distribution strategy
Implementation of the product launch campaign
Trade activation and dedicated accounting
Activation of the Public Relations network
Legal and contractual support


If you are a foreign client wanting to get your product into the Italian market, it’s not enough for your product to just cross a border. It would be great to have it so easy, but that means we risk wasting a lot of time.

But with us no minute is ever wasted because we’ll take care of your time to market. We’ll review a communication and distribution strategy with you, we’ll develop a campaign in line with the sensitivity of Italian customers, we’ll present the product to Distribution, we’ll initiate PR activities and provide you with legal assistance. Basically, you give us the product and we’ll take care of getting it onto Italian shelves and into Italian homes.

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