Recharging your batteries has never been so convenient

A contest that fills with energy, but also with prizes.


Vitarmonyl has 40 years of experience in nutrition, but today they felt the need to further increase their Brand Awareness and turned to us of Zeus: a contest came out that has as a final prize composed by ten stays in a Wellness Center and as an immediate bonus, a discount voucher. An articulated project that we have followed in every aspect, from the creative to the most bureaucratic part with the preparation of all the documentation.


Naming – Graphic design concept – Production of the communications materials – Activity planning – Legal assistance

A name that says a lot, a logo that affects everyone.

When you think about a contest you have to start from the beginning, and then from the name. RicaricartitiPremia! allows to underline the two main elements of the competition, namely that we are talking about supplements and that there are tangible advantages. Once the name was defined we created a logo that best characterizes it.


Creative but also legal and bureaucratic assistance.

A contest is not only made of promotional materials and communication for the final consumer, but also of more difficult issues. It is no coincidence that part of our work was dedicated to the preparation of the regulation, the registration of the contest at the Ministry of Economic Development, legal support and management of the final extraction. Aspects that the customer didn’t have to think about, because we thought about it.


A website to participate, without making mistakes.

When we created the competition, we knew that one of the main objectives was to encourage participation, but to minimize errors and waste of time. This is why the mini-site has been designed to accompany the customer step by step: simple graphics, clear explanations, precise information and easy registration form.


A contest that you see immediately and remains in mind.

A contest must be announced where there are people, and to do so, you need specific support materials with a recognizable graphic layout. P.O.P display and cards have a fresh and particularly summery style to enhance the spaces inside the stores, capture attention at first glance and leave customers with a card with the prizes and the way to get them.


A campaign that speaks to head and hearth.

It is the dream of many, to rest in a relaxing and unforgettable environment. So space for an image full of charm and focused on the main prize of the competition to convey the feeling of being already at the spa.


An operation told through situations,
but with the right posts.

There are many moments in which you need a mineral salts refill: during a period of study, after a workout, before leaving for vacation. Once we identified these situations, we showed them  in Facebook and Instagram through posts that had obvious references to products and contest but keeping a light tone, in line with the language of Social media.

An editorial to inform, but also to communicate.

Often we hear about Mineral Salts, but not everyone knows exactly how they act on our body. The editorial we published on Ok-Salute explores the functions of Magnesium and Potassium, but at the same time explains how to take part to the contest, because it can create a good word of mouth even while it is being disclosed.


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