Excellence in kitchen

Eleven elements of value, that enhance the kitchen.


Scilm is one of the most important firms of kitchen components since 1977. Now what they asked Zeus is to strengthen its presence in consumers and launch in the market a range of components carefully selected to make a kitchen elegant, functional and long-lasting. The communication strategy was oriented to promote these eleven elements that the consumer doesn’t usually consider but the bought of them allow him to get rid of lots of worries. The communication was made through a folder, a website, an advertorial and social networks.


Naming – Branding – Brochure Design – 3D Rendering – Website – Social Management – Advertorial – Exhibition Stand

An excellent name, or better Exelent.

It wasn’t easy to find a name that would represent the eleven components of Scilm and that at the same time would underline their absolute quality. Exelent was the perfect solution: a neologism that combines the words Excellence and Element. Above all a name that communicates the value of Scilm components without losing immediacy and legibility.


The whole range, in front of your eyes.

Each Exelent has precise characteristics and specific advantages, but the problem was to clearly tell them and make evidence of their benefits to everyone. The layout of the brochure was studied to allow the presentation of each component in a precise way, showing where they’re positioned in the kitchen and which are the real benefits for those who choose them.


There was no kitchen, now there is one thanks to 3D.

When you have to deal with high-innovative elements it is important to speak about them in an easy way, without forgetting their technical aspects. In this sense it became essential to show them in their contest and this is why we design a 3D kitchen looking absolutely the same as a real one, where we positioned the Exelent, showing their peculiarities and strengths.


A great success, also thanks to Social media.

The Exelent are getting known also thanks to Instagram: the choice to communicate through one of the most common social media allowed us not only to explain that these elements can make your kitchen more modern, but also to tell through short videos how they improve usability in your everyday life.

At the same time we involved some of the most expert of domestic cleaning and that live the kitchen everyday to test one Scilm component, discover its advantages and in the end tell them to their followers.


View on Instagram

An advertorial to increase visibility, in two of the most read magazines.

Cose di Casa and Casa Facile are two monthly very common to those who look for ideas, suggestions and news about how to better enjoy the house. The advertorial we publish is dedicated to Blink, the magnetic plinth part of Exelent range that allows to remove the plinth in a second: a very innovative element that lets you easily clean under your kitchen, one of the most complicated places to reach.


A presence noticeable, and rememberable. 

The graphic style we developed for all the communication material continues also in the fair: the whole Scilm stand is personalized with the idea of leading the consumer through the discovery of Exelent and explaining in a clear way the strengths that distinguish each component.


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