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Workouts turn pink

Feel good,
 feel fit


Feel Fit is a line of 3 supplements to be used before, during and after women’s workouts. Especially for those women who want to stay in shape by being physically active but not worrying obsessively about performance. The aim was therefore to make this concept visible and reinforce it with the right text. So we identified an image that communicates the idea of working out because it makes you feel good and came up with a slogan to complete the message. Once we had studied the concept, all that was left to do was to develop it across various materials and that’s what we did.


Concept research – Creation of the graphics
Production of the communications materials – Activity planning

There’s a new way of working out, and you can see it immediately.

There are those who work out with performance in mind and those who do it just for themselves. The goal was to find an image that would speak to them, so no reference to the gym but rather a more informal situation: the choice fell on a woman running outdoors on the beach. Once the visual has been selected, we developed modern identifiable graphics to make the message even more memorable.


Feel Fit products on display

It’s not easy to make a product stand out in the supermarket aisles. By working with the trade and implementing an expanding distribution strategy we solved the problem by creating an eye-catching display in line with the communications layout: Key Visual clearly visible, Feel Fit colours and clear content. There is a small product pamphlet in a pocket, an agile but complete tool that presents the three supplements.


Three free samples in a single package.

The difficulty of a line with three different products is that not all of them are bought, but often you choose only the one that best suits your needs. To make up for this little complication, we made a Sampler with the entire range of supplements and we organised a few days with promoters to hand them out, because having people try a product is as important as making it known.


Word of mouth post by post,
 social network by social network.

The name Feel Fit is spreading fast on the web thanks to the bloggers that we have engaged to tell us about their relationship with fitness. After sending them a kit with a bag, water bottle and the three supplements we invited them to share their workout activities on their channels using the hashtags #FeelFit and #ThankYouSport, to spread the brand and its philosophy among followers.


Working out
becomes and event.

A gym, 21 women and a Body Master session. These are the numbers of the event organised at Revolution by Virgin Active in Milan where journalists, influencers and two exceptional athletes like the Olympic diver Francesca Dallapè and windsurfing champion Flavia Tartaglini met for a one-hour workout. All of them sweated, but Feel Fit with its 3 supplements supported them before, during and after the effort.


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