AGB Opera Smart

The lock gets smart

Three different closures, a unique communication.


AGB began developing locks for doors, windows and shutters back in 1947. Today we are therefore talking about a world leader in its field who has chosen Zeus to present Opera Smart, a range of three different smart locks dedicated to the world of hôtellerie. A challenge that has involved us on several levels, from the design of the logo to that of the campaign through the development of the site to the layout of the Leaflet: many supports to enhance Opera Smart and at the same time enhance the AGB brand.


Concept – Logo – Advertising Campaign – Brochure – Website

A minimal logo, but that says a lot.

In a communication project, the logo always wants its part and is not a secondary role. In the case of Opera Smart we have studied a minimal and rounded logo that recalls the design of the institutional one, but which at the same time detaches itself by giving shape to a slightly open door: an original way to describe both the product and the its application.


The campaign gives voice to the product, the product speaks to hoteliers.

Most of the campaigns dedicated to locks have a technical and cold cut, but we wanted to communicate in another way. So we decided to let Opera Smart speak, giving voice to the comments of hotel customers: in this way we gave a soul to the product and at the same time we touched the hearts of hoteliers, showing in an original way that choosing a smart lock for hotel doors can really make a big difference.


Discovering Opera Smart, page after page.

The materials change but the graphic format we have studied remains: the visual of the print campaign becomes the cover of the leaflet, inside space instead the presentation of the range of locks told with clear images, precise explanations and the institutional color to act as a thread visual conductor: many different elements that put together enhance the contents and strengthen the brand identity.


A site with lots of information,
but all easily accessible.

Opera Smart also arrives online, and does so with a website developed in an intuitive way to guide the customer to discover the different types of closures: each solution is in fact accompanied with detailed information, an explanation of the technical characteristics and the main pluses on display. to let you grasp the advantages at a glance. In addition, a quick form to fill out, designed for those who want to contact the company and have further explanations.


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